Monday, 18 June 2012

Feminization Mistress | Feminization Hypnosis

Feminization Mistress is here to transform you from male to female, creating the woman that is you; just stop suppressing those feelings of femininity.  I know that you hide your other persona away from the world but I know who you are and as you read these words you totally agree with everything I am saying, I know you better than you know yourself.

I know you are nervous but I want you to just take my hand as I lead you into my boudoir and let me step into your mind and body and the transformation will begin. All you need to do is simply click on the link below to become my pretty woman, that female that you truly want to be, who wears silk and satin lingerie. You love to wear panties and a bra, stockings or pantyhose, not forgetting those high heel stilettos shoes.

I am your Feminization Mistress

                                                         FEMINIZATION HYPNOSIS

Feminization Mistress will also prepare your body, soft smooth and silky hair free skin. Eyebrows will be plucked and shaped, eyelashes tinted and curled. Ears pierced, make up on and the most dazzling array of clothes, let your imagination run wild and I will guide you with my feminization hypnosis, do not under estimate what can be achieved. If you have never experienced this before, trust me you will love it, just try it click on this link now to watch and listen to lots more.

Transgender and cross-dressers will all love this video and my hypnotic charms, become bedazzled with my knowledge of the subject matter, transvestites and T-girls I know more than you know yourselves, trust me and take my hand.

Now be a good girl and all you have to do is come to me, simply click here FEMINIZATION HYPNOSIS

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Forced Fem Hypnosis

Dear Madam

I loved your Forced Fem Hypnosis mp3 and decided to send you my photographs so you may see how I look, I have gained some weight due to the hormones I take. I have long hair down to my shoulders and in one of the photographs I am wearing hair extensions. 

I knew a long time ago that I was very different; I could feel that I had a very strong feminine side to me and my wish today is to become a woman completely or even a she male would be also fine to start with. I love to wear sexy lingerie and feminine clothes like panties and thongs which I wear everyday and have done for a long time, not forgetting of course a matching bra.

Feminization Vagina Hypnosis MP3

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I wear a small cup size bra but my breasts will grow larger with the hormones and your Feminization Breast Hypnosis. I have also found that wearing the right bra can push my breasts up giving me a beautiful deep cleavage. I love to wear stockings, mini skirts, high heels, also corsets and long flowing skirts. Everything that makes me feels more of a woman, feminine, sexy and hot. 

I would love to remove my male way of thinking completely, expel it from my mind and just think and feel like a woman does the feeling of being delicate and vulnerable. I love to feel my pussy tingle when I listen to your forced fem hypnosis recordings. I would love to have cycles and feel my menstruation every month.

I do hope you like my photographs. Love Sonja x

The lovely Sonja into Forced Fem Hypnosis
Sonja in pink


Monday, 28 May 2012

Forced Feminization | Pantygirl Hypnosis

This is my latest forced feminization mp3 called Pantygirl Hypnosis, it is all about hypnotising you to worship my panties and I know you love my satin panties. In fact you will also be wearing my satin panties and feeling them all over your body. They make you feel so sexy and feminine, you just love my panties and want to kiss them, lick them and enjoy my soft warm pussy. This is a short clip of my Pantygirl Hypnosis now be a good good and click on the link to purchase the full hypnosis mp3 download. PANTYGIRL HYPNOSIS

Forced Feminization Hypnosis

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Forced Feminization Hypnosis - Power Play

In today’s society transvestism and transsexuals no longer carry such a heavy social prohibition or sigma because of their sexuality or desire to cross dress. In most countries in the world we have learned to be more accepting and tolerant of the individual who wants to express their sexuality with the desire to be totally feminized.

Feminization is an act made by a man to take on a more feminine appearance and female behavioural patterns. It is not only conscious but subconscious as well for the man to transform his mind and body into that of a woman’s with the possible introduction of female hormones which obviously cause changes in the body. The hormone that is prescribed for this to happen is Estrogen which is the female hormone and has various side effects upon a male body from including hair growth upon the head changes in voice, breast-tissue growth, reduced body hair, enlarged nipples and even a change in their body odour.

Forced Feminization is to physically force the male to become more feminine, psychological studies have shown that within some men there is a very low resistance and they great joy and pleasure from acting, speaking and of course dressing as a woman. Forced feminization is a form of escapism as well for the male where he gives up complete control to the female who is directing the power play and shifting the male’s life assignments and any future expectations away from the masculine world and into that of an ultra feminine ideology.

The woman within the game play is the dominant and the man the submissive and she orchestrates him to change his behaviour with certain suggestions that he should become an air hostess or one of the pretty sales ladies you see in the make-up departments of all large stores. Even a subservient maid or the office secretary totally changing his sexual orientation and forcing him to become her prisoner and in so doing possible a sex slave.

With forced feminization hypnosis the subject is already willing as he has reached this far and is subdued and lulled into a trance and really now understands how it feels to become a woman, to act as a woman, think as a woman and most importantly he actually is a woman in his mind. The hypnotic trance fulfils his fantasy into having the body of a woman and to react in a way only a woman would do with her body. Forced feminization hypnosis has no boundaries or limits and can take the male way beyond reality and create within the mind his perfect feminizing world. By instilling the forced feminization hypnosis further with more and more sessions the male continues to reinforce his femininity beyond his imagination.

To run a cross dressing service is not an offence in the UK neither is it an offence to cross dress, even under the recent Sexual Offences Act of 2003, which contains a seemingly inexhaustible list of sexual misdemeanours. Nor is it illegal in most other western countries – though you could run into serious problems in many developing nations or some Muslim countries like Dubai where you would be sentenced to prison if you cross dressed as a woman.

Twenty five years ago it was quite common for the British police to arrest a man who dared to go out in a dress. It is now generally accepted that if a man encounters the police while dressed as a woman, he is as entitled as any other law-abiding citizen to courtesy and consideration.

Forced Feminization Hypnosis or try this Forced Fem Mp3

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Forced Feminization

Many men have forced feminization tendencies and forced feminization hypnosis interests but few can be forced to totally change their sex, from male to female. In all instances the most successful dominants are typically strong beautiful women: the motivation of such dominants is to create and train the male as their perfect feminine woman and lesbian lover with forced feminization hypnosis anything is possible, the desire becomes so strong.

Transvestism is where a male is encouraged to try on women's clothing: initially this is suggested as a game or often involves a fancy dress party. At first the male will be encouraged to where lingerie or a night dress while sleeping after being hypnotized with forced feminization hypnosis. Early encouragement is provided on how surprisingly beautiful the male looks in female attire - they are persuaded to go further in terms of make-up, jewellery and hair. At some point the concept of being tied up while dressed as a girl is explored - typically in front of a mirror inducing more of the male to female tendencies.

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At this point the dominant becomes more demanding with the male persuaded (sometimes forcibly) and definitely under the influence of forced feminization hypnosis to go further in terms of their appearance and behaviour and reinforced over and over again with forced feminization hypnosis. Appointments are made for beauty treatments - hair removal being a typical starting point but also manicures, pedicures and the tinting of their eyelashes. Throughout they are praised and adored when dressed as a girl and criticised and ignored when in male attire. Also they are punished for not behaving or being too masculine - this starts with light spanking but then the dominant begins to take more extreme measures using typically a cane. The male soon starts to fear the dominant and becomes more willing to be feminine more of the time.

Quickly the male will find him (her) self becoming more and more under the mind controlling power of forced feminization hypnosis and interested in women's clothing, beauty products and magazines. He will be required to go shopping and complete a full wardrobe of clothing. The dominant typically accompanies the male on shopping trips humiliating her bitch at the stores and at make -up counters. The light bondage turns into captivity for long periods of time while dressed as a beautiful woman with forced feminization hypnosis. At this stage the male takes her first steps out in public. Chastity is introduced starting for just a few hours but gradually going to days or possible weeks at a time.

This is no longer a game but really forced feminization hypnosis truly instilled and working to its maximum effect. The trying on a pair of satin panties is not just a passing wimp but a totally new way of life but a way of life. Laser treatment for complete hair removal is followed by surgical consultations for breast implants and hormone treatments. There are training sessions as an air hostess, a hair stylist or a secretary. Forced Feminization hypnosis controls the mind totally by now and leaves the male convinced of his femininity and beauty. Colonic irrigation is performed weekly. Dietary control is introduced. The male is now totally weakened and helpless and well on the way to being the most beautiful delicate female, from that male body and persona develops a stunning bright coloured female form.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Forced Feminization Hypnosis Woman Describes Herself

I am Miss Sophia Pink  a woman who loves the finer things in life, I always wear the most feminine of lingerie in white, cream, black and of course pink my favourite colours. For a change I have a delicate bra and panties in powder blue. I prefer hold-ups and stockings with laced tops and rarely wears pantyhose except when the weather is cold. My wardrobe is full of dresses, blouses and skirts all in delicate fabrics that shimmer and flow. At night I has a selection of short silk nighties as I love to feel as feminine as possible when I retire for the evening.

I prefer to wear delicate shades of eye shadow, blush and lipstick but always layers of mascara to show off my deeply tinted and curled lashes. Occasionally I will paint my lips scarlet red if I am feeling naughty. I just love fine jewellery and pearls.

You do want to be the perfect woman don't you ? Of course you do, then purchase this womanly feminization MP3 which is 68 minutes long just click here I WANT TO BE THE PERFECT WOMAN

I have many interests which including the following:-

1. Shopping for clothes and make-up
2. Forced Feminization Hypnosis
3. Music and film
4. Curling up on the sofa with the latest copy of Vogue while listening to forced feminization hypnosis
5. Enjoying fine wine and food with my lover.

Oh and of course looking at myself in the mirror and seeing just how perfect I really am. I am a loving girl and fun to be with but can be quite clumsy and a trifle messy. I am not a lover of housework and  I only cook occasionally. However I do have my own maid's uniform which I wear so I can look at myself in the mirror.

I am fond of ballroom gowns and brides dresses and I am sad that she has never been asked to be a bridesmaid - however watch out for the day when I  walk down the aisle! If you met me I would be quite shy at first until I got to know and trust you but I would be a loyal friend and will always write and thank you for all the gifts you inevitably will want to give her. I enjoy wearing any perfume that is truly feminine.

Me, myself and I by Miss Sophia Pink

Forced Feminization Hypnosis